Drummers 1

“Drummers are very hard to control,” he said, stuffing some Christmas cards into their envelopes. “I didn’t hear anything for days. Then suddenly everybody decided to come, and to bring their friends. So we may have a flood of drummers. Or we may have no one at all.” He was a little worried that they’d get hungry or bored. (“They’re probably more likely to come if there’s a sort of ‘scene’ going on,” he’d written Eagleman a few weeks earlier.) So he sent an assistant to buy pastries and mixed nuts, and brought out “various entertainments” for the drummers to play with, including a drum synthesizer. “The more competitive they feel about this, the better,” Eagleman said. “A big part of it is making sure they pay attention.”

“That will be hard,” Eno replied.

David Eagleman and Mysteries of the Brain : The New Yorker


F__k vs _uc_

What could the word be? The second day, the newspaper told readers the word was “f__k”. The third-day story, as I recall, fell to John Kifner, then a waggish youngster, later a great foreign correspondent. Kifner filed a report referring to the word as “_uc_,” so alert readers might put together the second- and third-day reports and thus understand what the Times was saying. No dice.

“I know what you’re getting at,” said the metropolitan editor, so “_uc_” never ran. Many Times readers are presumably still in the dark.

F-Bomb: A Short History of F-Word Controversies – The Daily Beast

De 10 Bud For Oss Andre

As a moral atheist you have a number of rights and responsibilities. These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Have no gods.
  2. Don’t worship stuff.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Take a day off once in a while.
  5. Be nice to folks.
  6. Don’t kill people.
  7. Don’t cheat on your significant other.
  8. Don’t steal stuff.
  9. Don’t lie about stuff.
  10. Don’t be greedy.

Remember, theists may condemn you for living by this code because you are doing it of your own free will instead of because you’re afraid that if you don’t a supreme being will set you on fire.

De 10 bud for oss andre.